How the Christmas Ornaments are Made

More about the materials, manufacturing process and working environment:

  • Each piece of British Columbia wood is hand-picked to showcase its exotic and beautiful dark/light variations.
  • Each ornament is stained with low volatile organic compound (VOC) stain in clear with a red embellishment.
  • The low VOC stain makes this product virtually 100% organic and sustainable
  • Each ornament is handmade and goes through an extensive 7 stage manufacturing, assembly and quality control process. Not only does this multi-stage process allow for such intricate and beautiful design, it also provides a supportive work environment where women can chat, motivate and empower one another.
  • Splitting and planning of the wood allows the women to develop skills and confidence in utilizing power tools.
  • Staining and assembly of the ornaments takes place around a table which allow the women to share stories, advice and experiences while creating a community of support and work experience.
  • Many women find that this way of connecting lessens their experience of isolation and helps them move forward in their personal and professional lives.
  • While training or employed in the Workshop, women are offered other supports such as career counseling, job placement assistance, community/personal support referrals, and nutrition.